Top 5 Most Popular Privacy Hedge Design Trends

Is that nosy neighbor driving you crazy? Perhaps the street you moved to is a little noisier than you remembered when you first decided to buy it. Or maybe the season of life you’re in feels chaotic, and your soul thirsts for quiet, stillness, and peace. All of these reasons and MORE are perfect reasons […]

The Ultimate Guide to Privacy Hedges

Peace. Quiet. Tranquility. These are the things privacy hedges can offer you and your family. Of course, an outdoor living space that shuts out that annoying neighbor is a win any day! But in all seriousness, privacy hedges, when designed right, can offer you respite, unique backyard dimensions, and a private sanctuary that protects you […]

5 Easy Ways to Achieve the Modern Landscaping of Your Dreams

What is Modern Landscaping? An architect’s dream landscape includes the aesthetics of modernism. Think clean lines, classic shapes, and proper spacing with a polished and manicured final look. Often, a modern landscape will complement the lines and shapes of the home or building it surrounds. It pointedly contrasts the cottage design – wild, free, serendipitous, […]

Best Tips for Adding a Focal Point to Your Yard

Forsythia shrub with yellow flowers

Focal Points of an Outdoor Space Do you have an eyesore in your yard? Is your outdoor space in desperate need of direction and order? Are you desperately seeking a WOW factor for your yard? If you answered yes to all of these questions, a focal point in your yard could quickly solve the problem! […]

The Ultimate Guide to Designing the Pool of your Dreams

5 Essential Questions you Should Ask When Designing your Stunning In-ground Swimming Pool I. What Type of In-ground Pool Suits You? Most in-ground pools are one of three materials: fiberglass, vinyl lined, or concrete. Each material carries its pros and cons. Fiberglass Pool Fiberglass is the choice material for bathtubs, sinks, hot tubs, and even […]

3 Tips for Getting That Low Maintenance Landscape You’ve Always Wanted!

How to maintain your landscape with as little time and stress as possible while showcasing the most spectacular lawn! There is a term that has become a buzzword in the landscape industry… low-maintenance landscape. It has become a term homeowners use to describe the type of landscape they hope to have installed. But what exactly […]

Our Proven Pruning Method to Renew the Life of Your Plants!

With renewal pruning, your plants will survive and thrive for years to come offering a breathtaking and robust landscape. Sometimes we encounter landscapes that have certainly seen better days. Unfortunately, some plants can take on an overgrown, tired look through neglect or improper maintenance. Often, the gut reaction is to eradicate the shrub and replace […]

Here’s the Perfect Pruning Breakdown for All of Your Evergreen Shrubs!

Pruning your landscape shrubs can feel like a daunting task. We get it. But there can be significant benefits for you (and your landscape!) when you take the time to do it each year. Not only is it a creative outlet for you, but it’s also a stress reliever. Many people make a hobby out […]

Outdoor Lighting to Elevate your Landscape

How a drab house can become a warm & illuminated home in no time! Have you noticed? There is a common trend in the battle of darkness and light. And light always prevails! We want your house to be a winning home; that’s why our landscape design expert, Mark Gawriluk, is going to teach you […]

Dry Creek Bed Ideas for a Landscape Upgrade


Dry Creek Bed Ideas Do you have backyard flooding issues? How about holes in your yard that collect standing water? Or has the natural flow of rainwater in your backyard created your very own lackluster Grand Canyon? Not only are flooding and drainage issues incredibly frustrating (insert swarms of mosquitos here!), they can cause a […]