Bronze Design Package

straight forward views for

simple projects

Conceptual designs are perfect for the smaller projects that only need a limited number of materials.  We’re focused on delivering incredible bang for your buck by showing you a first-person perspective of the vision for your outdoor space.  

Great for small front yard planting projects, island beds, berms, and planting around signage or patios.  

Here are a few examples of our conceptual photo-realistic perspectives:

request a

Bronze Design Package




You’re getting more than a piece of paper with some scribbles – our design packages are about communication and coaching, and bringing clarity to a small outdoor space.  

This package includes:

Professional Plans

Personalized Service

B&W 2D plan
Material Palette

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We want to meet with you first – AT OUR COST – to make sure you’re completely confident that we can create an incredible outdoor space for you!

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