Double Platinum

design experience

There is no better way to be 100% confident in your project than getting to experience your very own interactive 3D model.

We can prove that your patio and pool will support your summer party guests or that the view of your neighbor is screened from your cozy firepit space.  Let’s also explore your plants as the seasons change, and even how your space looks at night when we plan for a low-voltage lighting system. 

Give yourself peace of mind – go 3D. 

Here are a few examples of our 3D designs:

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Double Platinum design experience


You’re getting more than a piece of paper with some scribbles – our design packages are about communication and coaching.  

This package includes:

Custom Service

Professional Plans

Personalized Service

Full-Color 2D Plan
B&W 2D Plan
Lighting Plan
Dimension Plan
Construction Documents
Material Palette

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we're not collecting payment now

We want to meet with you first – AT OUR COST – and make sure you’re completely confident that we can create an incredible outdoor space for you!

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