Detail Design

scaled, 2d plans ready for

project installation

Detail Designs are one of the best tools in our belt for envisioning all landscape projects – small, large, simple, and complicated.  These plans create clarity for you and for us.  You’re able to visualize the layout of your space and we’re able to reduce cost estimates and wasted time.  

Our Detail Design Package is the most popular with our customers because it provides the best value and most opportunity to expand and revise through time. 

Detailed plans are set to a specific drawing scale so we can get very precise with our measurements and material takeoffs. 

Here are a few examples of detailed plans:

request a

Detail Design Package


You’re getting more than a piece of paper with some scribbles – our design packages are about communication and coaching.  

This package includes:

Professional Plans

Personalized Service

Full-Color 2D Plan
B&W 2D Plan
Lighting Plan
Dimension Plan
Construction Documents
Material Palette

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