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Our purpose is to

elevate people

Like most businesses, we exist solely because of our incredible team of hardworking, dedicated employees.  We know you’ll experience their passion and exceed your expectations.  

a letter from our owners and

a promise to you

For almost 25 years, we’ve owned and operated separate lawn and landscape companies named KF Landscapes and The Lawn Champs, and they were both growing businesses with great brand equity in the St. Louis area. 

Then in 2018, the three of us teamed up to create Elevate Outdoor, with the intent to create something bigger and better than we could possibly hope to achieve by ourselves. 

We knew we wanted to focus on providing incredible quality of service to our customers, as well as hopefully make a profit in the process.  But we weren’t satisfied with these goals alone. We wanted to be different.  We needed to create a business that could be truly remarkable.

In our experience, we couldn’t accomplish this with overpromised customer service and inflated guarantees of craftsmanship, like so many of our competitors.  We know these traits will come naturally if we create a great culture and commit to always taking care of the people around us.  

This is why we’re so focused on Elevate Outdoor’s Purpose:

To ELEVATE the quality of life for our customers and coworkers and enhance the growth of our character. 

We want this purpose to be represented even in what we call ourselves. It’s this purpose that energizes us each day as we seek opportunities to improve, encourage, support, and transform.  

And we’re constantly holding ourselves accountable to these core principles:

With a strict focus on improving every aspect of what we do, there won’t be any room for excuses and average work.  We’re elevating the bar for ourselves – and for the entire lawn and landscape industry.

Will you ELEVATE with us?

Kohl Fitzmaurice, Jeff McDonnell, & Tony Meyer

Owners of Elevate Outdoor

P.S.  You may be thinking ‘these guys are full of it – every landscaping company is a circus’.  

Well, many are.  

Give us a call and chat with someone from our Customer Elevation Team and we’ll show you how we’re different!

creating A culture that celebrates

Our Personality

We’re focused on creating a better place to work.  Check out these images of our employees having fun on (and off) the job!

what can i expect?

our process

We have developed a process that has cultivated incredible customer relationships and built beautiful properties in the St. Louis Metro Area. We create and maintain the areas finest landscapes using quality products, dependable service, and high attention to detail.

Our main goal is to elevate you, your family, and your project. We pride ourselves on formulating a personalized experience that accomplishes your unique vision for your project and our passion to design, build, and maintain that vision.

Check out more details on our process:

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