Top 5 bulbs to plant NOW for spring color | The best way to cure your winter blues

Wanting beautiful spring blooms? Here’s our top 5 bulbs to plant now for beautiful spring color!

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Landscaping is often a taxing exercise on your patience, especially when planting bulbs! You won’t ever get instant gratification as you would with annuals, but you will get flowers next spring – and right when you need it most, after the long winter blues.

Here’s one better! Most bulbs return year after year. So if you do the job right the first time, you’ll have gorgeous spring colors for years to come.

A few tips: First, please make sure you check your USDA Hardiness Zone to see if our picks will thrive in your climate (check yours here).

Then plant bulbs with the pointy ends facing up in mid to late fall before the ground freezes. If you’re not sure which end of the bulb is up, which can happen with bulbs that are more squashed in appearance, plant them on their side, Mother Nature will do the rest!

Also, read the label to learn how deep you need to plant them. Flowering bulbs look better in a grouping rather than a single flower here and there, so be sure to plant several in the same hole.

Finally, if you notice that your blooms are fading wait until the leaves turn yellow to remove them. Your plants will need the leaves to make food for next year’s blooms. 😉

Now on to our Top five picks:

Daffodils, also called narcissus, are some of the most dependable and easiest to grow bulbs with a wide variety of blooms. Many would agree that this plant is a nostalgic spring flower due to its variety of bright yellow, pure white, and pale pink blooms. You can expect to see these little guys bloom in the early to late spring.

Varieties to try this spring: Apricot Whirl, Dutch Mater, and Pink Pride.

These plants get the name snowflake from their tiny size, but you might know them as leucojum. They have an abundance of blooms in early spring and multiply on their own – WINNING!

Plus, you won’t have to worry about replacing these often because rodents tend to leave them alone. Placing them in front of your landscape as a border is a popular trend, or in a rock garden for an elegant look.

Varieties to try this spring: Spring Snowflake, Summer Snowflake

Hyacinth comes in shades of white, blue, purple, and pink, and has a distinctive sweet smell in early spring. Don’t worry, rodents and deer don’t like this one either even though it’s a wonderful aroma! This plant has very sturdy blooms that last for many weeks and come back year after year.

Varieties to try: Peter Stuyvesant, Jan Bos

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