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water features make soothing and dramatic focal points

From natural-looking streams to architectural fountains, water features are important focal points in the landscape – and some homeowners in Saint Louis are opting to have more than one.

The visual and auditory benefits of moving water can be relaxing and decrease mental stress after a difficult day at work.  They infuse an outdoor space with a calming atmosphere and can also drown out the unwanted sound of a busy highway or noisy neighbor. 

A bubbling boulder is a perfect addition along the front entry of your home to greet and welcome guests.  You can also place a water fall or bubbler close to your outdoor living space or near a fire feature to add a relaxing sight and sound experience. 

Another opportunity for a stunning focal point is a well-placed sheer descent water fall in your swimming pool or a fountainhead spray hidden in a pool deck. The moving water creates activity, energy, and life to your yard. 

Here are a couple things to consider when planning your water feature installation:

  • How much time do you want to spend maintaining the water feature?
  • Do you want the water feature to be active year-round, or just in the spring – fall months?
  • Do you have a water source nearby (irrigation, well, or city water) to connect an auto-fill valve, This would prevent you from needing to fill the water feature up manually. 
  • Do you want a pond for fish and aquatic plants, or are you simply focused on seeing and hearing the splashing white water?

We’ve been designing and building water features since 2004, and we’re an Aquascape certified installer.  

Our service area includes St. Louis, Chesterfield, Wildwood, Ladue, Town & Country, St. Charles, Weldon Spring, O’Fallon, Dardenne Prairie, Lake St. Louis, and more!  


Here are just some of the types of water features we install:

  • bubbling boulders
  • cascading water falls
  • ornate, formal fountain
  • modern sheer-descent water fall
  • pool fountain and sprays
  • water course
  • pond with fish and aquatic plants
  • pondless feature

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