Office & Campus Enhancment

As you manage your site(s) you face balancing the visual impact of your property against the cost of sustaining and protecting your investment. Our partnership ensures your office and campus landscape needs are covered from maintenance, fertilization, tree care, weed, and pest management, storm preparedness and response, and exterior upkeep services. 

here are just some of the benefits:

No matter the size of the project, we can manage the installation and collaborate with the GC and other subcontractors.

Preparing subgrade and base per engineers’ specifications and installing native riparian plantings.

Experienced and certified installing large square foot block walls as well as Redi-Rock and Rosetta Outcropping.

Stream bank stabilization, rip rap and gabion basket installation, erosion control blanket and native plantings.

Concrete and clay paver installation, rooftop pedestal system for pavers, concrete curbs and walkways.

Concrete and clay paver installation, rooftop pedestal system for pavers, concrete curbs and walkways.

Rough and finish grading, site preparation, erosion control, and turf/seed establishment, heavy equipment operators.

Knowledge and experience in Missouri native plants for drought tolerance and successful long-term maintenance.

Tree, shrub, and perennial installation per Landscape Architect’s design for curb appeal and aesthetic enhancement.

Brick and stone walls, decorative columns and entrance gates, raised planter beds, and decorative site improvements.

Dog parks and doggy pads, athletic fields and practice facilities, urban courtyards, and recreational putting greens.

Irrigation systems landscape beds and turf areas, low-voltage lighting systems for safety, security, and aesthetics.

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