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You Can’t Get There From Here. Grade changes in a landscape require steps to transition from one level to another, prevent erosion, and ensure safety. Whether quarried natural stone, concrete (block or pavers), or brick, they should be solid and functional. The most common material for landscape steps is natural stone.

ELEVATE your landscape with steps and stairs

Step design starts with the style of the landscape and home. Steps add interest to the landscape and can make a statement at an entry, pique curiosity about the destination, or provide easy access to other parts of the landscape. Steps and stairs can be decorative, with or without rails, lit with low-voltage outdoor lighting from top to bottom, edged with plants to add color, curved or straight, with or without landings.


Correct sizing is essential. The standard formula for landscape step construction is a 6-inch riser and a 12-inch tread. However, riser heights from 4 to 7 inches can be used. The relationship between the riser and tread should remain constant throughout the entire flight of steps/stairs. Wide steps are perceived as more welcoming and allow side-by-side climbing. Plus, wider steps also allow container gardens or a private sitting spot.

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stairs & Steps

Grand Staircase & Retaining Wall

St. Louis, MO

A stunning grand staircase and retaining wall, a gorgeous flagstone patio, a pergola, an outdoor kitchen, and the prettiest fireplace to gather around. Lots to see with this beauty.

Natural Stone Steps

St. Louis, MO

These natural stone steps allow for a dynamic and elevated paver patio and pool deck. Other hardscape features include a pavilion, swimming pool, and natural stone retaining wall.

Flagstone Steps

Wentzville, MO

Into the woods with this flagstone masterpiece! A quiet oasis that invites nature into every detail – waterfall, stepping stones, pathways, and plants that accentuate the theme.

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