How Professional Landscaping Increases Commercial Property ROI


For prospective customers, students, diners, and anyone who interacts with your business, their first impression is typically made before they walk through your door. A few neglected, scraggly boxwoods surrounding the entrance to a restaurant doesn’t bode well for a great customer experience once inside. Weeds growing wild around campus in unkempt beds don’t tell the story of how you care for and cultivate the minds of students. In retail environments, poorly cared for landscaping or no landscaping at all can create a sense of unease for customers, making them less likely to spend more time and money or return to the property. 

In this article, we’ll cover how smart landscaping investments in critical features translate into returns for several types of commercial properties, and we’ll describe how collaborating with experts helps you maximize every dollar and ensures your projects runs smoothly.

Ways Smart Landscape Design Creates ROI in Various Commercial Environments

Multifamily Living Communities

For apartment complexes and condominiums, beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces are often just as important as unit interiors. These features can help transform a complex into a community:

  • Gardens and green spaces with native plants, shrubs, and trees
  • Walking trails and paths
  • Outdoor seating and barbecue areas

By investing in premium landscaping design and installation, multifamily living communities can:

  • Attract more tenants by making the entire property more desirable
  • Charge premium rents 
  • Improve tenant retention due to increased overall community satisfaction


It’s important for universities, colleges, and even K-12 schools to create a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. Outdoor enhancements that help create the ideal environment for learning include:

  • Green courtyards and quadrangles
  • Outdoor study and relaxation areas
  • Scenic walkways and bike paths
  • Sustainable gardens and native planting

By investing in premium landscaping design and installation, educational institutions can:

  • Increase enrollment because attractive campuses draw in more students
  • Encourage alumni support and donations
  • Create a space that supports mental health for students and faculty
  • Enhance the overall educational experience, leading to better academic performance and student outcomes

Restaurants and Hospitality

For restaurants and hospitality venues, attractive outdoor spaces can significantly enhance the customer experience, encouraging repeat business and positive reviews. Here’s how:

  • Outdoor dining patios
  • Well-maintained plantings that create a lush environment
  • Decorative planters and seasonal flowers
  • Water features like fountains or ponds

By investing in premium landscaping design and installation, restaurants and hotels can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction with an outdoor space that adds to the customer experience
  • Reinforce the overall quality of the brand with an outdoor space that reflects how much the organization values its guests
  • Boost seasonal revenue with the addition of outdoor dining spaces
  • Encourage customers to leave favorable reviews

Office Buildings

Office environments with well-designed landscapes not only attract tenants but also boost employee productivity and satisfaction. Here are a few smart landscaping features that can benefit office buildings:

  • Plantings around plazas and entryways
  • Well-manicured and lush grassy areas
  • Employee break areas with seating
  • Green roofs and rooftop gardens

By investing in premium landscaping design and installation, commercial office properties can:

  • Attract tenants by setting their appearance apart from other facilities prospective tenants may be considering
  • Improve employee morale and productivity 
  • Maintain higher occupancy rates by bringing in new tenants and making current tenants more likely to renew leases

Retail Spaces

Shopping centers and retail complexes with inviting landscapes can significantly boost foot traffic and sales. Features for retailers to consider in landscapes include:

  • Well cared-for entrance landscaping
  • Pedestrian-friendly walkways
  • Seasonal plant and flower beds
  • Shaded seating areas

Here’s what smart landscaping makes possible for retail spaces:

  • Increase foot traffic by creating an inviting space for shoppers
  • Encourage shoppers to stay longer and spend more with a pleasant environment
  • A better perceived customer experience can correlate to larger shopping baskets, driving revenue for stores

Healthcare Facilities

Thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces offer excellent therapeutic benefits for patients and their loved ones in and around healthcare facilities. Features we often recommend for these environments include:

  • Healing gardens and meditation spaces
  • Shaded seating areas for patients and visitors
  • Accessible walking paths
  • Native and medicinal plantings

Here’s what smart landscaping makes possible for healthcare facilities:

  • Promote patient recovery and well being
  • Improve the facility’s image and attract more patients
  • Increase staff retention with the mental and physical benefits of a great outdoor space

How Elevate Outdoor Helps Commercial Businesses Elevate ROI

At Elevate Outdoor, we deliver customized landscaping solutions that align with your vision and business goals. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Design Consultation: Our team of award-winning designers can work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring that the final design enhances both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Installation: Our hardworking craftsmen execute every design with precision and care, using high-quality materials and the latest techniques to bring your vision to life.
  • Maintenance: For St. Louis, Kansas City, and the Adirondack mountain region, we offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your landscape in pristine condition, ensuring that your investment continues to pay off year after year.

Connect With Us

Investing in professional landscaping is a strategic move that pays dividends in increased property value, tenant satisfaction, and environmental benefits. At Elevate Outdoor, we are committed to elevating your commercial property to new heights. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our expert design and landscaping services can transform your property into a captivating, valuable asset.

Request a quote today and take the first step towards enhancing your property’s ROI.

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