KF Landscapes is now Elevate Outdoor

Kohl Fitzmaurice, founder of KF Landscapes, began at age 16 with a purpose of serving friends and family with a tractor, a goal of creating pristine, green landscapes, and a hope of helping out the busy homeowner. Why? Because family is the foundation of Kohl’s heart and work ethic. If he could alleviate a stress or burden for a homeowner, he could gift them with family time. And so mowing lawns and designing hardscapes became a passion for Kohl.
While attending college at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO, Kohl saw an opportunity to expand his residential business to a commercial one, as well. And his focus moved from maintenance to unique landscape builds. Not only was this new partnership with Lindenwood University a fruitful one of 16+ years, it was the turning point in KF Landscapes business. No matter the job or how large KF Landscapes grew, doing each project excellently was Kohl’s bottom line. 

Same great company - now Elevated.

With 95% of KF Landscapes business consisting of design and build hardscapes, Kohl saw an opportunity to continue serving his loyal customers through maintenance services. That’s when Lawn Champs joined the vision of KF Landscapes future. Lawn Champs was an efficiently run business whose customer renewal rates were above 90%. They mirrored the purpose of KF Landscapes – to serve others excellently. And an exciting merger happened in 2019. 

For the first year, Lawn Champs functioned out of an office near Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO; KF Landscapes remained in Wentzville, MO, near the General Motors Plant. In 2020, both companies physically merged to the O’Fallon, MO, metro area. And with the new location came the new branding – Elevate Outdoor.

Elevate Outdoor Mission - the merged vision of KF Landscapes and Lawn Champs

In combining KF Landscapes and Lawn Champs, the mission never changed. We are unified in elevating the quality of life for our customers and our co-workers while enhancing the growth of our character. We have been successful in our mission because of our foundational values – honesty always, work excellently, improve relentlessly, serve willingly, speak kindly, and grow personally.
We believe in serving our customers well in order to provide an outdoor living space that cultivates family time. Relationships are at the heart of our workmanship. To be able to offer service that elevates your home, enhances your time with family and friends, and brings quality and joy to your life is our greatest honor!

Elevate Outdoor specializes in designing, building, and maintaining your outdoor space. We offer a variety of services from lawn care to retaining walls to outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. We design patios, pools, gardens, and landscape beds. 

With each growing trend, we train our employees with best practices so the outcome means quality – quality products and services so you can have quality time with friends and family. Thank you for entrusting us with your home