safe and secure

camera systems

Your home is one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make. Ensure your family’s peace of mind with the safety and security that a custom-designed video surveillance system can offer. 

safe and secure

camera systems

Your home is one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make. Ensure your family’s peace of mind with the safety and security that a custom-designed video surveillance system can offer. 

Video surveillance for a peaceful state of mind

Video surveillance and outdoor camera systems are gaining popularity for even the most modest residences because of the safety and security they provide homeowners. In addition, a well-designed system that utilizes the proper technology can provide additional insurance for your family for years after installation. 

We work with the leading camera manufacturers to provide the most advanced camera technology with crystal-clear images and near 100% uptime.  

All cameras are wired and connected to a lightning-fast switch and NVR control system. So you’ll be able to view your Wi-Fi camera feed from anywhere worldwide! 

Facial-Recognition Technology

Motion-sensor recording

Weather Resistance

Mobile device streaming

The overwhelming cost of traditional security systems has previously been a barrier for most people considering one for their home. However, with recent technological advances, we can install a turnkey video surveillance system at your home or business for an affordable price. 

Here are just a few reasons you should consider an outdoor video surveillance system:



Security Camera



+ $400 per additional camera

Package includes: design, install, and 2 year limited warranty. 

Video Surveillance

Custom Package

We will design and install a custom security camera system if you have a large property or need many different vantage points. There is no limit to the number of cameras, and we’ll ensure that every possible view is covered and protected. 

Build your own custom security camera package with all the tech your property needs to get the job done. This option unlocks your ability to go as big as you want! 

We specify only quality, commercial-grade camera fixtures with 4K or Ultra HD pictures. 

The Best camera features

for better reassurance

We offer camera solutions that make sense to our customers – giving you the essentials to feel safe and secure at all times.

  • Wide Angle – A carefully crafted 2.8mm fixed lens with a max aperture of F2.4 generates striking visuals owing to the 105° viewing angle. With such a wide field of view, you will have no problem keeping what you care about in your sights.
  • Motion Tracking – Create distinct motion detection zones to completely customize control over what you’re monitoring. This is an effective way to ensure that you only record what you need when it’s essential. Each zone includes its sensitivity and threshold meters so you can fine-tune it exactly to your liking. Let the camera hold its focus, so you don’t have to lose yours.
  • 4k UHD – Featuring the latest CMOS progressive scanning image sensor, the UltraHD camera soaks in the entire scene, dynamically painting all the vivid colors and rich imagery, pixel by pixel, onto your computer screen or a smartphone in full 3840×2160 resolution. No need to strain your eyes, lean in close, or play the guessing game when you have this level of detail.
  • Night Vision – Cutting-edge night vision technology lets you get a crystal clear picture even when it’s dark. With this powerful feature, you can gain total awareness of the previously unseen and do so in an undetectable way.

We’ve been known for our lawn and landscape expertise, but now we are more than that! We are in the process of receiving our CEDIA Certification so we can be recognized as one of the top audio & video installers in the St. Louis area.

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