Top 5 Most Popular Privacy Hedge Design Trends

Is that nosy neighbor driving you crazy?

Perhaps the street you moved to is a little noisier than you remembered when you first decided to buy it.

Or maybe the season of life you’re in feels chaotic, and your soul thirsts for quiet, stillness, and peace.

All of these reasons and MORE are perfect reasons to consider privacy hedges for your landscape.

What are Privacy Hedges?

Also called Hollywood hedges, these bushes and trees act as a fortress for your home or business! We break down all you need to know about privacy hedges in our blog if you want to learn more! What privacy hedges or landscape hedges can do is offer privacy to you and your home, but they can also provide a unique outdoor living space for you to rest in. These hedges are great shade providers, noise reducers, and peaceful escapes.

We are huge fans of privacy hedges! So we’ve decided to break down our five most popular privacy hedges. We think you’ll find amazing inspiration here.

Privacy Hedge Trend #1:

Arborvitae ‘Green Giant’ or ‘Emerald Green’

These two kinds of trees are great options for privacy hedges. Here are the benefits:

✔️ These are the fastest growing trees seeing heights up to 60-feet (if conditions are right). Expect 3 to 5 feet of growth per season.

✔️ They stay green and attractive year-round.

✔️ When weather conditions are windy or snowy, these trees will protect you from the elements. And they make excellent shade trees.

💲 Expect to pay $50 for a 3-foot tree or upwards of $200 for a 6-foot tree.

Privacy Hedge Trend #2:

Viburnum ‘Pragense’ or ‘Juddii’

If you are not a fan of aborvitae shrubs or trees, these two viburnums offer great privacy and pops of color. Benefits include:

✔️ Beautiful and fragrant blossoms year-round that change colors throughout the season.

✔️ A great pollinator! It invites bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds so you’ll enjoy watching the wildlife it brings.

✔️ Ranging in size from 2-feet to 20-feet depending on the type of viburnum you choose, it will make a fantastic privacy hedge.

✔️ The best part is they are fast growing, they adapt to most any soil, they are easily maintained, and pests and diseases rarely touch it.

💲 On average, larger sized viburnum bushes will cost $50+

Privacy Hedge Trend #3:

Euonymus ‘Manhattan’ or ‘Golden’

If you are looking for easy maintenance and hardy bushes, look no further than the euonymus bush! The benefits include:

✔️ Extremely hardy plant that can thrive in less than ideal conditions. Expect growth from 10-feet to 20-feet.

✔️ They grow strong in full sun or partial shade, and offer rich pops of color.

✔️ Minimal to no pruning is needed for these low-maintenance shrubs.

💲 Depending on what size you choose, expect to pay $45 and up for these happy hedges.

Privacy Hedge Trend #4:

‘Black Haw’ Viburnum

The Black Haw Viburnum is a wonderful native species to Missouri producing blue-black berries that wildlife find quite attractive. This is a great option for the nature enthusiast! Other benefits include:

✔️ Offers excellent support to pollinators and birds.

✔️ Houses gorgeous blooms that give way to red leaves in Autumn.

✔️ They will grow 12-feet to 15-feet in height, and 8 to 12 feet in width. Note that these bushes will require pruning. Check out our best pruning tips here.

💲 Expect to pay around $30 per shrub.

Privacy Hedge Trend #5:

Nellie Stevens Holly Hedge

This hedge is one of the fastest growing options for privacy. With average growth of 3-feet a season, you’ll have the proper privacy you need in no time! Other benefits include:

✔️ You can expect little to no maintenance for these hedges.

✔️ Holly hedges bring a bird-watching paradise! Watch it attract songbirds galore.

✔️ Lush red winterberries offer the perfect Christmas decor if you clip a few branches to decorate your home with.

💲 A 5-6 foot tree will cost approximately $250 each.

Did you find a privacy hedge that suits you?

At Elevate Outdoor, we are landscape and design experts. With over 25-years in business, we’ve been elevating the most unique and beautiful outdoor living spaces. If you are in need of a privacy hedge in your yard, we would be happy to design, build, and maintain it for you! What matters most is that you get to enjoy peace and quiet outside. Give us a call or submit a form here for a free quote and consultation!

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