Best Tips for Adding a Focal Point to Your Yard

Forsythia shrub with yellow flowers

Focal Points of an Outdoor Space

๐ŸŒฟ Do you have an eyesore in your yard?

๐ŸŒฟ Is your outdoor space in desperate need of direction and order?

๐ŸŒฟ Are you desperately seeking a WOW factor for your yard?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, a focal point in your yard could quickly solve the problem!

What is a focal point?

When it comes to your landscape, a focal point is the “it-factor” that has been missing for far too long! It could be a planter, a unique container you picked up at the antique store, or an object that makes for an attractive visual point in your garden or yard.

Why do you need a focal point?

Every homeowner can benefit from a focal point. Do you have a big green utility box in your yard? A focal point can be the best solution for hiding such an unsightly thing. Great focal points will grab attention for the right reasons, not unsightly ones!

Another reason to consider focal points is that it creates order and direction in your yard. It provides character where character may be lacking. If you recognize something missing in your landscape, you most likely need a focal point.

How do you create a focal point?

With a bit of creativity and vision, you can easily create a focal point in your landscape. First, ask yourself what purpose or effect you want to make. If your main goal is to hide unsightly features in your yard, then trees and shrubs could be your best friend.

If peace and serenity are what you seek, a fixture like a water feature will help create that. Something as simple as color will draw the eyes! Pick some colors that make your soul sing, and pick a spot in the yard to showcase it. We’ve broken down some of the best yard focal point ideas for you!

Best Focal Points: Trees, Shrubs, or Grass

Trees and shrubs, including evergreens, are excellent options for covering utility boxes, drains, or other unsightly features. It’s essential to check your native planting options so that whatever you choose to plant will thrive in your climate. Some great options for trees include Arborvitae ‘Green Giant’ or Arborvitae ‘Emerald Green.’ Shrub options include a Norway Spruce, a Colorado Spruce, a Yew ‘Densiformis,’ and boxwoods of various kinds. Any one of these would add character to any St. Louis yard!

Ornamental grass will also cover things exceptionally well, and it could be an excellent option for your focal point practically and artistically. With a plethora of options, you can even find grass that offers fun pops of color. Just like with trees and shrubs, it’s essential to check your state’s native plantings so that your grass will thrive in your climate. For Missouri, some great options for switchgrass would be northwinds, heavy metal, and Shenandoah switchgrasses. These are great options and will stay around 2′ wide and about 3′ to 4′ tall.

Best Focal Points: Fixtures

Fence or Trellis:

A small privacy fence in the garden is a great way to add a focal point.

A small privacy fence or trellis for climbing plants would be exceptional as a focal point! It serves as a point of beauty and functionality if you want to cover something.

Water Feature:

Water fountain featured in a yard.

A water feature is always an excellent option for a focal point. It is aesthetically pleasing and will provide a serene retreat for you and your family. Everyone needs to step back in nature and be grounded. This could offer you the zen you’ve been looking for!


Cozy bench surrounded by flowers makes a great place to relax in the yard.

Parks rely on benches for a reason! So why shouldn’t you consider putting one in your yard? The best focal point is creating a quiet spot to sit and be in nature. With varieties of all kinds, you can find the right bench for you and then have fun surrounding it with flowers that will restore youโ€”ever heard of a butterfly bush? We would recommend this for the space around your bench. In addition to the beauty and smell, you’ll get to sit and watch the magic of monarchs!

Lawn Ornaments or Antique Finds:

Lawn ornaments are a great added decoration for any yard or garden.

Have you inherited an antique from family members? Double-check that it’s safe to withstand outdoors, but perhaps you should consider using it as a creative focal point in your yard. Or go shopping at World Outdoor Emporium in St. Charles – they have a large variety of lawn ornaments. Stroll the gravel aisles and see if one catches your eye. But the bottom line is, be creative. Follow your gut. And start designing your perfect focal point with a lawn ornament!

Best Focal Points: Colors

This yard uses bushes and flowers to add pops of color.

Color. Color. And more color! Our eyes are drawn to it, and our soul responds to it. It just ignites something inside that’s so much bigger than us. We are motivated and inspired by it! So paint the yard with your favorite colors – not literally, but find items or plants in the colors that speak to you. And make a focal point in your yard that draws the neighbor’s eyes to it.

Let our Team Help!

Elevate Outdoor team photo

Perhaps creativity and vision are not in your wheelhouse. That’s okay! We are here to help design your vision for you. Feel free to reach out to our design team for a quote. Our experts would love to create the focal point for you.

If time is an issue for you, our experts design the vision, build it, and maintain it. We know you can choose anyone to take care of your castle, and we’re grateful you’d consider us.

We always offer free quotes, so submit a form here, or you can reach out to our customer service department, and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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