Our Proven Method on How to Get Rid of Brown Patches in Your Lawn

Does your lawn resemble crop circles? Like an alien has landed and is invading your once lush, green yard? You are being invaded, but chances are it is not by extraterrestrial life. Instead, your lawn has been overcome by Rhizoctonia – or brown patch fungus.

What is Brown Patch Fungus?

Also called large patch disease, this brown patch fungus can invade your yard, and once it does, it can be tricky to stop the spread. The grass doesn’t always resemble brown patches – it can also look like yellowing grass. So if your grass appears dry, dead, or dying in portions of your lawn, you are likely dealing with a fungus.

Why Do I Have Brown Patch Fungus in my Yard?

This fungus thrives in hot and humid temperatures, so expect to see this type of lawn discoloration in the mid to late summer. Not only does it succeed in this specific climate, but other factors must be considered when determining why your yard is suffering.

✔️ If your soil content is high in clay

✔️ If you’re watering grass excessively

✔️ If your yard has drainage issues

✔️ If parts of your yard are highly shaded

✔️If you are mowing over it and spreading the spores to unaffected areas

How Do I Get Rid of Brown Patch Fungus in my Yard?

Getting rid of brown patch fungus can be a frustrating task! Once you begin seeing yellow patches or browning in your grass, the fungus has already been long at work. Also important to note, the fungus extends beyond just the parts of your lawn that are already yellow or brown. Preventative measures are crucial to staying on top of this stubborn fungus. Unfortunately, once it invades your lawn, it will be more susceptible to regrowth.

✔️ Preventative fungicides will be necessary to protect your lawn from current and future outbreaks. Here are a few recommendations for the best fungicides.

✔️ Water management is your friend! Whether an irrigation system or manual watering, managing how long and when to water is crucial. Be sure to access our watering instructions for assistance. It will drastically help to improve your lawn!

✔️ Mowing needs to be methodical! Mow high and mow frequently to keep moisture off the grass blades. Don’t mow over the areas with brown patches (or walk on them) because spores from the fungus can be deposited in other areas of your lawn.

✔️ Properly fertilize your lawn so the grass’s immune system is optimum for healthy growth. Retaining nutrients will be essential to combat any fungus or disease. In addition, things like aeration and overseeding will promote healthy growth, so schedule your annual lawn maintenance with us.

Let our Elevate Outdoor Team Help!

If you are, in fact, already seeing brown patches in your grass, yellowing spots, or your lawn looks dead or dying, you most likely have an active fungus amongst you. Not only can our team identify the problem, but we diligently serve our customers to rehabilitate your lawn and maintain it so it does not return. We are experts in plant healthcare (PHC), and we are experts in maintaining your lawn so you don’t have to! So give us a call or submit a free quote form. We’ll get back to you very soon!

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