snow & Ice Management

Our primary goal is to make sure your business, church, school, or apartment complex is safe to drive and walk without concern of liability or safety hazards. 

Ice and snow creates tricky situations in the St. Louis winter, but we’ve got your snow and ice covered (well – actually uncovered…).


here are just some of the benefits:

Elevate Outdoor employee installing concrete paver patio

Snow Removal & Clearing – With a fleet of dozens of trucks, skid steers, and off-road vehicles, we have the equipment to handle the snow plowing and snow clearing for any size commercial site. Snow clearing usually begins when snow accumulates more than 1” and is continuous until the storm is over and all our properties have been cleared.

Salt and IceMelt Application – Designed to melt the final layer left behind by traditional snow clearing, this technique involves the application of chemicals during or after a storm. Salt and other ice-melt products, such as calcium chloride, are also used to battle freezing rain and sleet storms common to the St. Louis area.

Pre-Treatment Application – Pre-treatment with salt and ice-melt chemicals is the first step to successful snow and ice management. Prior to the snow or freezing rain, we apply both granule and liquid chemicals to prevent the frozen precipitation from sticking to asphalt and concrete surfaces. This process is an key safeguard to ensure parking lots and sidewalks can be cleared and plowed successfully.

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