Paver Patio Build Cost – The Perfect Breakdown

The ultimate guide to breaking down all your costs for a gorgeous paver patio so there are no surprises to your budget.

You know what you want in your outdoor living space, but what is it all going to cost? We’ll walk you through your options as well as offer pro tips from our experts to build the best paver patio for your budget.

Getting Started with Your New Paver Patio Build

There’s a right way and wrong way to build your paver patio. If it’s done the right way, it’s no surprise there’ll be more costs involved. And there are long term benefits to making the proper investment now in order to see a return on investment for your hardscape project.

A paver patio done right:

✔️ offers captivating curb appeal

✔️ is more durable than concrete slabs

✔️ has low costs in repairs and restoration through the years

✔️ adds value to your home

✔️ allows for creative freedoms in your landscape design

✔️ provides you with with an outdoor living space to entertain loved ones

Overview of Paver Patio Build Cost

A paver patio varies in cost per square footage based on where you live and what style or shape you choose. For a general understanding of the range of costs for this hardscape, it will depend on the size and shape of your patio.

$8 – $35 sq. ft.
$14 sq. ft.
10 x 10$800 – $3500$1,400
10 x 12$960 – $4,200$1,680
12 x 12$1,152 – $5,040$2,016
12 x 14$1,344 – $5,880$2,352
15 x 15$1,800 – $7,875$3,150
18 x 20$2,880 – $12,600$5,040

How Much Will Your Paver Patio Cost?

We’ve broken down the expected costs into 4 main categories:

  • Pavers
  • Base Materials
  • Equipment
  • Finishes

*For a complete quote on a paver patio installed by a professional, click here

Cost of Pavers

clay paver patio build cost
  • Made of clay
  • Come in various colors and textures
  • Freedom in design style
  • Made from natural materials
  • Can chip easily and will have regular maintenance

paver patio raw materials build cost
  • Made up of raw materials
  • Come in various colors, sizes, shapes, and textures
  • Popular choice for hardscapes and driveways
  • Maintenance is required – especially in extreme temperatures:
    • Pavers can crack over time
    • Color can fade
    • Sealing is essential in order to sustain aesthetics

natural stone paver patio build cost
  • Natural Stone:  COST: $5 – $35 per square foot 
    • Includes porcelain, travertine, marble, granite, limestone
    • A variety of color and sizes
    • Increases home value – natural stone is very desirable!
    • More expensive than concrete and brick
    • Maintenance and upkeep can get costly as natural stone absorbs water readily and can crack the stones
  • Flagstone: COST: $15 – $22 per square foot
    • Extremely durable stone
    • Quite heavy so you’ll need help transporting it
    • Fits together like a puzzle so freedom in design style
    • Can be impacted by the weather – sun exposure can affect color

Cost of Base Materials for Your Paver Patio Build:

In order to achieve the most durable hardscape (and ensure your money’s worth!), you must focus time, attention, and cost to the foundation. Your paver patio needs the correct materials, and these must be layered appropriately. Check out our blog post on 7 Steps to Install a Beautiful Paver Patio.

Things to consider:

  • What is your terrain? i.e., landscape, soil, countryside, etc.
  • What is your design style?
  • Will you need a landscape design from one of our architects?

Breakdown of Cost for Base Materials:

*PRO TIP: 3/8″ chip works best!
$30 per ton
Soil FabricApprox. $2 per sq. ft.
MortarApprox. $22 per sq. ft.
Paver Edging / Edging Stones$3.30 – $5.10 per linear foot
Paver Sand$5.50 per 0.5 cubic ft.

Cost of Paver Patio Build Equipment:

Equipment rental of a skid steer and plate compactor should definitely be considered in order to build the strongest foundation for your hardscape.

Skid Steer RentalApprox. $350 per day (depends on your location)
Plate Compactor RentalApprox. $120 per day (depends on your location)
Trailer Rental (for equipment or heavy stone transportation)Approx. $100 per day (depends on your location)

Finishing Touches on Your Paver Patio Build:

  • All paver patios require polymeric sand to close up any spaces between joints. Depending on the space you are covering will determine the overall cost of polymeric sand. But expect to pay approximately $25 – $30 for a 40-50 pound bag. And one bag will cover about 55 sq. ft. For information on how to fill your joints with polymeric sand, visit our blog post – 7 Steps to Install a Beautiful Paver Patio.
  • Edge restraints or Edging Stones will help secure the shape of your patio. Cost will range from $10 – $15 per 6 feet of edging. Edging stones will begin around $3 each, and can increase in cost depending on the stone you’ve chosen.
  • For protection against the elements, your paver patio needs to be sealed. Expect to pay approximately $2 per square foot. This is an ongoing maintenance – every 3-5 years, you will need to properly seal this hardscape.

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