Top 7 Paver Patio Design Options

Take a closer look at paver patio designs that can elevate your backyard space from dull to dazzling so that you can live your best life!

You’ve decided that a paver patio is exactly what your backyard has been missing! We couldn’t agree more. A paver patio is so much more than just a space to entertain, though. While it is absolutely about entertaining guests, it is more about livability. How can you and your family best utilize your backyard space? Explore these top 7 paver patio design options below to get inspired.

1 of 7: Paver patio with a fireplace

In the Greater St. Louis area, Fall is more than a season of leaves changing colors and cooler weather moving in. Fall is a statement. Football, homecoming, crock pots of chili and chicken noodle soup, and nights sitting around the fire telling stories and roasting marshmallows. That’s why our #1 trend for a paver patio is one with a fireplace! Not only is this hardscape a staple in the Fall, but also when Fall gives way to Winter, you can grab those blankets and hot cocoa. You’ll be living your best life making memories with cherished loved ones. Check out our paver patio with fireplace (and fire pit) options.

2 of 7: Patio with a hot tub

It should be no surprise to you that a paver patio and hot tub backyard escape made our list at #2! Whether it’s for unwinding after a stressful day, tending to muscle aches or pains, seeking a quiet, rejuvenating retreat, or spending time with loved ones, this is a must-have hardscape that elevates your oasis. This feature can be used year-round and enhances the livability of your backyard space. If you’re looking for a poolside hot tub, check out some of our projects.

3 of 7: Paver patio with a retaining wall

paver patio with elegant retaining wall

Aside from the luxurious aesthetics that a retaining wall and paver patio combination offers, there are numerous benefits to it! It will increase the value of your home. It helps slow down soil erosion. And the uses are numerous. From privacy to flower beds, garden boxes or seat walls, the elegance of your home will be elevated ten-fold. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful hardscape because you’ve increased the livability of your outdoor space. Family, friends, and neighbors will all thank you! With numerous designs to fit your style, look no further than here.

4 of 7: Paver patio with grass

paver patio with grass

Perhaps our favorite option of the top 7 paver patio design options – the artistry and natural design style that a paver patio with grass offers is a uniqueness that other paver patios don’t quite have. We are not at all surprised by its popularity. The St. Louis area can see its fair share of unexpected storms, and this Woodland Escape is prepared for the runoff of storm water; it absorbs water quickly and decreases flooding. Aesthetically, it draws us into its peace and serenity, making us one with nature. This design is great for patios, walkways, nature pathways, and driveways.

5 of 7: Raised paver patio

raised paver patio in backyard

A raised paver patio offers versatility to your backyard, and it doesn’t limit your design style because it can be detached from your home. A raised paver patio can be whatever you need it to be – and that is why it’s one of the top hardscaping trends. It will increase livable space in smaller backyards. It provides you with a separate space for entertaining guests. It’s low maintenance in upkeep, and it can be absolutely anything you need it to be. Need extra dining space outdoors? Need a spot for a fire pit? How about a dance floor with white lights strewn above you? The possibilities are endless, and the memories will be cherished.

6 of 7: Paver patio with a cabana

paver patio with cabana

Adding a cabana to your paver patio just made that staycation an actual vacation! Aside from the obvious majestic and stunning factors it adds to your property, it provides you with a livable space you can enjoy year round despite what Mother Nature is up to. It’s intimate, elegant, cozy, and all together dreamy. Your friends and family will make memories here to last a lifetime.

7 of 7: Paver patios on a budget

Rectangle paver patio

budget rectangular paver patio

A rectangle paver patio is going to be the most cost efficient. The beauty of putting all of your budget into just the paver patio instead of the add-ons means you can fancy it up with a smokeless fire pit, outdoor furniture, and potted plants. You can create a beautiful and intimate space on a budget you are comfortable with. Our experts at Elevate Outdoor would be happy to assist you with a FREE quote.

Paver patio with a fire pit

budget paver patio with firepit

Firepits are much more affordable and friendlier to your budget than the large fireplaces we discussed in Idea #1 above. And it will offer an open space for friends and family to surround themselves with skewers for marshmallow roasting and an open fire for all to warm up. It makes our list of trendiest paver patios because we’ve seen family after family benefit from the joy that comes with a paver patio and custom fire pit.

No matter the paver patio you choose, the results will be the same – quality time with friends and family. Let us help you maximize your outdoor living space with one of these top 7 patio paver design options! Contact us for a FREE quote or request a landscape design

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