A Visa Partnership with Elevate Outdoor

A crystal globe sitting on moss represents Evelyne Goncalves' international career move to Elevate Outdoor.

An International Career Move


Geraldo and Evelyne Goncalves are one of the many international families that Elevate Outdoor has sponsored EB3 Visas for. They’ve been a huge help in our multifaceted recruitment strategy to hire qualified employees.


We’ve asked Evelyn to write about her experiences with employment sponsorship, the Visa process, and moving internationally as well as the process with Elevate Outdoor in order to educate and encourage others to partner with us.  


Geraldo and Evelyne Goncalves with their son and dog

Brazil to USA: Follow one family’s journey to immigrate to a better life.


In 2019, after my husband, Geraldo, and I had vacationed in the United States, we made one of the most important decisions of our lives – we would immigrate to the United States.


We decided to do this because of the security that the country provides. Living in the biggest city in Brazil was difficult. We both had careers in Brazil; I worked in marketing with one of the biggest mobile companies of the country, and Geraldo worked more than 10 years in purchasing where he helped the company save money, and also provided items for the biggest car companies.


Our careers were still not enough to sustain us. We felt that we needed to experience something new. Not only that, but our desire to have a family became a priority, and living in a safe and secure country was essential. The United States would offer us a better quality of life along with many strong options for our son in his education.


Finding a Visa sponsor in Elevate Outdoor!


We knew that living legally in the most prosperous country in the world would not be an easy task, especially because we would need a sponsor for a Visa. We began looking for an employer who was willing to hire a Brazilian professional with great work ethic, and we found Elevate Outdoor in O’Fallon, Missouri. After a selection process, we applied for an EB3 Visa and became more and more excited for this opportunity.


In 2019 we visited Elevate Outdoor, and we were very excited with all that we saw. After our visit, we became more confident that the Greater St. Louis Area was where we wanted to live for the rest of our lives. It was a peaceful place for our family to live – a family that was already growing because I had found out I was pregnant.


During this time, the pandemic came. The world was facing such challenges, and we were very worried. No one could imagine that someday we would all be wearing masks, that we would live isolated and afraid to leave our homes. This virus was spreading so quickly. And beyond the fear of this disease, we were fearful that the company would not proceed with us.


But Elevate Outdoor continued with the hiring process and sponsorship and remained financially stable after this worldwide crisis. After all the immigration protocols, including health exams and an interview at the American Embassy, we finally landed in the country of opportunity and saw our dreams coming true. My husband, our son Luigi, and I brought with us a lot of luggage along with our dog, Catarina. Our dog has been a big part of our family for more than 7 years. We had to bring her, too!


Through an EB3 Visa partnership with Elevate Outdoor, hopeful beginnings ignite.


Immigration from another country is not an easy task. We had to start our life again, and finding a place to live was top priority. The company was very supportive as we looked for a new home. And once that was established, we signed the necessary documents for Elevate Outdoor and agreed to the start date. My husband was very welcomed by the other employees, and he had all the support he needed to start a new job successfully. Working at Elevate Outdoor has taught him so many things about planting, camera installs, and lighting.  It has been an incredible opportunity for him and for our family, too. We are adapting very well to the community, and we see our son growing up happy and healthy – that has been priceless.


No doubt, moving abroad requires courage and determination. But knowing that there is a strong and reliable company willing to give us all the support needed to restart our life here has given us the peace and confidence we need in this journey. We have seen how much the company really cares about their employees, further impacting the quality of life for the families, too.


If I could give advice to anyone who is thinking about immigrating, I would say this: be brave, plan, and do not be afraid to elevate yourself. Live now because you will not regret it. Dream big by taking that first step of faith, trust that you will be in good hands. I assure you that you will be very welcome here – they will take care of you.


Starting a new life and career with support from our employer.


We are very grateful for the opportunity that Elevate Outdoor has given us, and we are very happy for the new life we are creating here. Each day we grow stronger together, we learn together, and we are elevating our talents and skills. Together, we are stronger, and that is because we are a part of this great team. We are very proud to see Elevate Outdoor growing; we are very proud to be a part of that growth. Our sincerest thank you to Elevate Outdoor.



Thank you, Evelyne and Geraldo, for sharing your inspirational story with us. Your bravery and tenacity have helped build a beautiful partnership with Elevate Outdoor. It has been a privilege to be a part of your story!


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