5 Easy Ways to Achieve the Modern Landscaping of Your Dreams

What is Modern Landscaping?

An architect’s dream landscape includes the aesthetics of modernism. Think clean lines, classic shapes, and proper spacing with a polished and manicured final look. Often, a modern landscape will complement the lines and shapes of the home or building it surrounds. It pointedly contrasts the cottage design – wild, free, serendipitous, and whimsy, where color is a top priority. Instead, you’ll find more components of intentionality, simplicity, methodical placement, and clean lines – color matters less with modern landscaping.

Most Important Elements of Modern Landscaping:

When deciding if modern landscape design is the right choice for your yard or business, consider that it will contain these three essential elements: design, materials, and function.

Modern Landscape Design:

Modern landscaping design will focus heavily on clean lines, shape, precision, and balance. In addition, it will provide a blend of textures with limited colors. Neutral tones give the best aesthetic when trying to accomplish modern designs.

Modern Landscape Materials:

Now that you’ve determined the importance of design in your modern landscape, let’s discuss the best options in materials that will further enhance this style. Modern landscapes will rely heavily on manufactured materials. Concrete pavers for walkways or patios, metal or fiberglass gates, and fences help fulfill modern landscape design. The absence of color and wood might be an adjustment for some, but focusing on shrubs and plants instead will offer the perks of maintaining long-term.

Modern Landscape Functions:

Sometimes modern landscapes are more than just clean lines and aesthetics. It can also be functional. For instance, draining could be an issue for your lawn if you live in a place with significant rainfall. Modern landscapes can offer an array of functions and designs in dry creek beds, xeriscaping, or bio-retention basins.

5 Popular Modern Landscape Ideas:

1. Pavers & Walkways

Paver patios and walkways are the perfect way to express clean lines, shapes, and neutral tones. It’s also the ideal way to lead guests into a chic and inviting paver patio design that brings moments of cherished entertainment between you, your family, and your friends. So what will be on the menu, you ask? Why, we suggest opening your favorite wine along with the finest charcuterie board your guests have ever seen!

2. Fire Pit or Fireplace

This modern fire pit design focuses on clean lines and circular shapes. Even the landscape bed surrounding it offers simple green shrubs, equally spaced. The design is methodical and precise and allows your guests to gather around a unique stone fire pit in a sophisticated and modern style.

3. Water Feature

Water features are an excellent way to capture the modern landscape design. But it does so much more than offer clean lines and class. Come sit outdoors after a long, stressful day. The sound of the water will carry away any tensions you brought home!

4. Lighting

Modern landscape lighting is the most prestigious way to take the WOW factor of your home or business to the next level! With multiple options for outdoor lighting, from path lights to downlights to hardscape lights, you’ll be able to capture that modern landscape design easily. Your castle is gasp-worthy – get yourself some outdoor lighting!

5. Pergola

Pergolas are one of the most versatile hardscapes. With different styles that speak to your outdoor theme, you’ll always find a sleek, modern style. Need a place to sit quietly and contemplate life? How about a poolside escape from the sun? Or an intimate outdoor dinner for two, or four, or six? Pergolas bring so much richness to your outdoor landscape. You should get one!

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